Furleigh Estate Bacchus Fumé

Hot on the heels of my last post in which I gave you all snapshot of some of the brilliant wines I tasted over the last year, I decided to revisit one on the list, the sublime Furleigh Estate Bacchus Fumé. In fact all The wines in this Dorset winery on the south west Jurassic coast were for me, some of the nicest English wines I’ve tasted anywhere.

Just let me say, for anybody out there who hasn’t tasted the delights of English wine, there are so many now to choose from and all of them, well, at least the ones I tasted have been a revelation. There are now over 700 vineyards in England, so visiting one shouldn’t be a problem and in my opinion well worth it, it’s a fabulous day out, all including a tour and tasting.

Furleigh Estate Bacchus Fumé

Furleigh Estate Bacchus fume

If you like aromatic wines then this may well be for you, made predominately with the Bacchus grape (90%) with a splash of Chardonnay (10%) thrown in this is a superb food friendly dry white wine.

The first thing you notice about this is how incredibly aromatic it is, sticking your nose in the glass heady aromas of elderflower leap out along with some peach and nectarines. This really was quite floral and I defy anyone not to be blown away by the perfumed aroma. On first sip, it was bright and tangy and so fresh tasting, with zippy lime but also tropical fruits in the form of pineapple and mangoes. Finishing with vanilla and a slight creaminess from the subtle oak influence.

This would probably pair with most foods especially fish, in fact any seafood would be perfect. We actually had it with pork and it matched beautifully.

So again I urge you all to seek out English wine you may be pleasantly surprised and you won’t go wrong by starting with this or any of Furleigh Estate’s wines, as featured in my wines of 2020.

Furleigh Estate £15.45

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My rating 9/10 Corks
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