Not Sauvignon Blanc again !

As popular as it is I still occasionally hear people moaning about Sauvignon Blanc, I’ve even heard some call it ‘Sauvignon Plonk’. For me, I like **Sovee Bee, not as much as my wife but if you find a good one it can be a wonderful drink.

** For those who wonder where the term ‘Sovee Bee’ comes from I’m afraid it’s my daughters fault, a little while ago she described what she was drinking as a lovely Sovee Bee and now I can’t help myself referring to any Sauvignon Blanc I drink as a Sovee. I’ve even asked for a Sovee in a pub (remember them) you should have seen the look I got. Anyway I digress….

Sovee Bee especially from Marlborough New Zealand has always been a safe bet and on the whole it is, go into any supermarket and you are spoilt for choice with lots of well known brands at reasonable prices (£7- £10) and all tasting nice enough and all pretty similar.

Now spend a little more and the Sovee experience elevates into something with a bit more complexity and character (not always) but in my experience it does. Just recently I reviewed the Ned Pinnacle (£12.99) and just going over than £10 mark made a significant difference.

So onto my next Sovee and this one really does do it for me, a superb cool climate NZ Marlborough with bags of flavour and style.

Astrolabe Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Awatere Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Delicious, taste explosion, aromatic, balanced, bright, textured, just some of the words I’ve heard to describe this wine and I pretty much agree with all of them. The nose was fairly muted though, very restrained aroma but still typically Sovee with lemons, gooseberry, grass, nettles, tomato ( the smell you get after touching a tomato plant), passionfruit and pineapple but as I said all a little subdued.

The taste is where this really shines, lots of bright zingy citrus fruits, green apples, lemons along with some sweeter peach, pineapple and mango. Still the trademark wet grass, nettles and green peppers along with some dried herbs. There was also a slight smokiness at the finish, still had high acidity but it was all perfectly balanced and I enjoyed it a lot as did my wife.

Summing up, this was what I would call an elegant Sovee, worth £20 (not so sure) but still a very good wine, this is quite often on offer, so when it is grab a bottle you won’t be disappointed.

Waitrose £19.99

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