Lidl Iberian wine tour 2021 Pt 2

Another two reasonably priced bottles to talk about from Lidl’s latest ‘Iberian Wine Tour‘ this time a Portuguese White Branco made with the Muscat grape and a delicious Spanish Monastrell (aka Mourvedre) which were both nice in their own right but I must give particular praise to the Eje Monastrell.

João Pires Branco Peninsula De Setubal 2019

On a hot summers day this fruity and floral Portuguese white wine would be the perfect thirst quencher, it really was that easy to drink. Ok, it will never win awards for being the most serious or complex wine but it really is a crowd pleaser.

Made from the Muscat grape it’s intensely floral, like tasting a mouth full of flowers, perhaps a little too over the top for some but then I think many will love it. Lemons, stewed apples, apricot all come to mind when drinking this. It has some juicy mouth watering acidity and a touch of sweetness that will appeal to some.

As I said, easy to drink, perhaps a little too easy, it’s 12% abv but didn’t feel like it. I enjoyed it, a bit fruit juicy but nice enough.

Cork Rating
My rating 6.5/10 corks

EJE Monastrell 2019

Now for something completely different, from the Alicante region in Spain comes this Monastrell (also known as Mourvedre). A heavyweight at 14% abv that feels more like a Cruiserweight, dark colour, full of brambly forest fruits with some cherry and cranberries in the mix. Tannins and oak not intrusive and there’s a nice mellowness to it, whilst still packing a punch. Lots of bright acidity keeping it fresh and a little spice to pep it up.

To be honest this could pass as a Portuguese red, had many similar characteristics and it was thoroughly enjoyable. When good, Monastrell can be a real winner and more people should be enjoying the delights a good one can bring and this is pretty decent, I for one will be going back for more.

Cork ratings
My rating 9/10 corks

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5 thoughts on “Lidl Iberian wine tour 2021 Pt 2

  1. Great recommendation. I looked at it on the shelf last week but passed it by in favour of another rated/mentioned ‘Vino de Espania’, Godello, which I bought instead. I must return ‘while stocks last’.

      1. I returned this morning and stocks of EJE were still available, £7.49, so I bought some. If Mid Week Wines AND Vinoviews recommend then it must be worth a try.

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