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It’s not always possible, as much as we may like, to drink fine wine, for a start it’s a costly business and there is so much good wine out there you could end up spending a small fortune.

Spend between £10 – £20 a bottle and you will normally end up with a decent enough wine although there’s always exceptions. Spend less than £10 it then becomes a bit hit or miss but the likes of Aldi, Lidl and some supermarkets now offering pretty decent selections below £10 if you are a little more selective.

Hence independent wine shops are having to compete, I recently received a case of wine from one of these independent retailers, Wickham & Co a mail order wine merchant selling 6 bottle cases delivering to all parts of the UK and importantly offering free delivery and with a quick turnover, my wines arrived the next day, so excellent service.

Their cases vary in price starting with the ‘Everyday Selection’ which I received, working out at £6.99 a bottle. The ‘Everyday wine selection’ gets updated every month so you never end up with the same wines, changing maybe one or two bottles to keep things refreshed and interesting.

This particular selection pretty much does what it says on the box, they are wines for everyday consumption, something with your midweek lunch, supper, just watching TV or sitting with a good book, so read on and find out what I thought of them ………

Gran Lomo Chardonnay Torrontés

First up was the Gran Lomo, Chardonnay / Torrontés blend and reading the back of the label I was pleased to discover that this is produced by Trivento and imported by the ever reliable Concha y Toro, so a good start. I would say predominately unoaked Chardonnay and more about citrus lemony fruits with the Torrontes adding a little honeyed sweetness. It’s bright enough and would be a great seafood pairing. My wife and I enjoyed it, nice enough for the price.

Cono Sur Reserva Especial Reisling 2019

As a recognisable brand, Cono Sur usually doesn’t let you down and this is no exception. A really excellent vibrant Riesling from the Bio Bio Valley in Chile, lively acidity with a definite floral character. It’s more on the citrusy side, think grapefruit and fresh crisp green apples but it does also have balanced sweetness on the finish. In a classy looking bottle as well.

Torre Solar Macabeo 2017 Sobre Lias

Macabeo (aka Viura) along with other grapes is very versatile used in Spanish white Rioja, sweet and sparkling wine. On it’s own this was a lovely inviting wine with a lemony sherbert tang along with sweeter tropical fruit including peach and pineapple. What is noticeable is the creaminess from the contact with Lees (Sobre Lias). A delightful wine which tastes like a bottle at least twice the price, another good sign is that bottle didn’t last long .

Montepulciano D Abruzzo 2019

Usually can’t go wrong with Italian wine and this one is no different, a wine with simple fruit flavours which in this case is lots of sour red cherry, with some herbal and tobacco characteristics along with noticeable tannins and lively acidity. I’ve heard it said that if you’re eating out and having trouble selecting a wine from the menu, it’s probably a safe bet to go with an Italian wine and in this case a safe wine is what you get. Very drinkable, better slightly chilled.

Hugonell Joven Rioja 2018

No case would be complete without a Rioja and this is a youthful and vibrant example, being a ‘Joven’ which literally translates to ‘Young’ this is more about the fruit and acidity and there’s bags of it in the form of bright strawberries, red cherries and typically with no oak. So if you like your reds in a more fruitier style then may be for you and it ended up being a very likeable wine (I suggest again chilling for about 15 minutes) which I do for most of reds I drink and perfect for this style.

Las Rocas Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

From Chile’s Central valley, a medium to full bodied Cabernet which is pretty heavy on the dark fruits but not particularly heavy in taste, in fact it’s full of juicy rich blackcurrant and cherries, there is some smokiness and a hint of liquorice, cedarwood and leather. There’s a perception of sweetness as well, which will probably appeal to some. Tannins are fairly pronounced so maybe open a little early and let it soften a bit. Not overly complex but doesn’t try to be and probably more a food wine, especially with hearty red meats.

So there you are, a box of wine that doesn’t try to be something it isn’t, the clue is in the title ‘Everyday Case’ and that’s what it is. All decent enough wines and reasonably priced, I enjoyed them especially the Macabeo, Riesling and the Rioja.

See link below for details ………

Wickham & Co Every Day Case £41.99

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