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I make no apologies for highlighting a couple of Spanish wines this time, one of them which featured in my previous post as part of a case from online retailer Wickham & Co. Although I mentioned the Macabeo as part of the case review I felt I had to give it a second write up as I thought it was the star of the show and more than merits a stand alone review.

The second bottle is a Cava from the ever reliable Freixenet who tend to produce pretty decent affordable Fizz and this along with a plate of very British Fish ‘n’ Chips ended up being the perfect combination.

Spanish wines

Torre Solar Macabeo (Sobre Lias) 2017

Macabeo a grape also known as Viura and one of the most planted in Spain is used in white Rioja, sparkling and sweet wines it has so much character and depth and is capable of making wines that will age and improve gracefully. This Torre Solar takes its name from the prototype solar tower built on the outskirts of the winemaking town of Manzanares, providing sustainable energy to the area. It’s 100% Macabeo and for a bottle that makes up a case of ‘Everyday Wines’ this is anything but everyday.

It started off being very tangy and lemony, almost like a sherbert lemon boiled sweet but along side it was a hit of sweeter tropical fruits including peach, pineapple and apricots. There was a mouth watering acidity which keeps it fresh and a vanilla creaminess from the interaction with Lees (Sobre Lias) which gives it some depth, character and a savoury finish.

This bottle was a real surprise, a mixture of old world meets new world and was the stand out wine in the Wickham & Co case, not tried Macabeo before, grab a bottle and judge for yourself, you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Now selling individually Torre Solar £7.99

My Cork Rating
My rating 8.75/10 corks

Freixenet Excelencia Cava 2015

A well known name, probably more known for it’s distinctive black bottle you usually see on the shelf but this bottle is a pretty good example of how tasty Cava can be. On the dry side, with maybe a hint of sweetness, primarily crisp green apples and baked pear with a light touch of nuttiness, very fine lively mousse (not as fizzy as I thought it would be though) altogether a very enjoyable and rounded bottle of Spanish bubbles, not going to impact your bank balance and is a good alternative for celebrating on a budget without the budget taste.

Paired this with Fish n Chips and it ended up being a nice enough match.

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks
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