Lidl Iberian Wine Tour 2021- Pt 4

Coming towards the finale of my ‘Iberian Wine Tour’ reviews with this very agreeable Portuguese Dão and I must say on the whole this has been one of the better ‘tours’ Lidl has offered lately but then (as regular readers will know) I’m a little biased when it comes to Spanish wines although I am ending with two wines from Portugal, last one will be in pt 5.

I’m rarely disappointed with wines from Portugal , they always just seem to deliver especially the reds, the depth of flavour found in this mid price range just amazes me, so well done Lidl who seem to excel in finding these Portuguese gems.

Torre De Ferro Reserva Dão 2017

Torre De Ferro Dao 2017

When I opened this the first thing that struck me was how much Portuguese wines bring a smile to my face, the aromas of rich dark fruit leap from the glass with plenty of berries and plums on show with a whiff of vanilla and spices. Taste is silky again with lots of dark plummy fruit but there is a touch of jammy sweetness (maybe a little too much, for me anyway !). Smoke, chocolate, and vanilla all make an appearance, a little acidity keeps it fresh and the tannins are fairly muted.

This is a very appealing wine, I guarantee lots of people will enjoy it, at 13.5% abv it’s not to heavy on the alcohol and dare I say it very drinkable indeed. I’ve heard people say that this must be decanted before drinking but I didn’t find this and it was fine straight out of the bottle (but in a glass first though!).

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks

I have one more bottle to review before I complete my ‘Iberian’ round up and I have no doubt that it will live up to the heights tasted so far.

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