Llumi Rosat 2018

You only have to look at the picture to realise that this is going to be very different from your run of the mill Rosé (Rosat in Catalan). This is the third bottle I’ve tasted from Cellar Alimara who are based in the Terra Alta in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia, the first two, the Llumi Blanc (Grenache and Macabeo) and the Llumi Negre ( Grenache, Carignan and Hairy Grenache) were excellent see my review here but if I had to pick a favourite for sheer drinkability it would be this Rosat.

Ok, not the weather for drinking rosé but on a wet and windy night here in the UK drinking this brought a little sunshine to our table and helped to wash down a splendid dinner of Spanish rice with green beans, squid and prawns.

Llumi Rosat 2018

Llumi Rosat 2018

Where do I begin, well, lets start with the colour, vibrant is an understatement, very different to a lot of rosé and that intenseness in the colour carries through to the aroma and more importantly the taste. Strawberries are often mentioned when describing rosé but the difference here is this is more like very ripe stewed strawberries, pomegranate and blood oranges pop in as well along with other red fruits. The flavour is really quite intense, a bit of spice with maybe some nutmeg and cinnamon in the background. The wine is bone dry but with some lovely bright acidity which keeps it tasting fresh and vibrant, beware though this has an abv of 14% which creeps up on you although at the time you don’t really notice it.

As far as rosés go and I must stress I’m not a big drinker of the pink stuff but this is up there with some of the better ones I’ve tasted, my wife mentioned it was like drinking fruit squash it was that easy to drink and I must admit it was easy but if you can refrain sip and savour you’re in for a treat.

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