Soft & silky Maree – Nero di Troia

Been a while since I reviewed an Italian wine and this bottle was like welcoming back an old friend. Warm and fruit forward describes this southern Italian bottle perfectly, this Uva di Troia (grapes of Troy) from the Puglia region of Italy has been sitting in my rack forgotten for a while now so I pulled it out and without hesitation I opened this to accompany our evening meal.

The unwritten rule that if you’re struggling to find a wine to go with your food then grab an Italian wine and you won’t go wrong pretty much applies here as this would happily pair with anything put in front of it.

Maree d’ione – Nero Di Troia Organic 2019

Maree Nero di Troia

Fairly dark colour in the glass with heady aromas of cherries, plum and red berries, there was a hint of smoke and dark chocolate if you lingered long enough. In the mouth it was fairly dense and rich with some sweetish red fruit along with some bright acidity, tobacco, leather, cinnamon and chocolate. Tannins although noticeable were on the soft side and there was maybe a little vanilla in the background.

Silky and smooth (a term used a lot, I know !) but it kind of describes this perfectly, I think a lot of people will enjoy this wine. If you enjoy Primitivo then give this a go nothing really to dislike here, a nice enough wine without hitting great heights and for £8 a pretty reasonable buy.

Maree Nero Di Troia Waitrose £8.79

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks

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