Affordable Bordeaux-Reprise

In my never ending search to find good affordable Claret (easier said than done) my quest recently has resulted in finding at least a couple of decent Bordeaux’s for around the £10 mark. It’s not been easy and a lot of bottles I’ve tasted have ended up being used for cooking or in some extreme cases just tipped down the sink.

Bordeaux Cartoon
Cartoon by Robert Thompson (Decanter Magazine August 2020 edition)

This Merlot dominant Bordeaux is in my opinion is pretty decent, no real complexity, just purity of fruit and it’s affordable, so along with the Chateau Buisson-Redon (around the same price) these are at least two I can heartily recommend and promise that they won’t end up being tipped down the drain.

ComTesse Saint Hilaire Montagne Saint Émilion 2018

ComTesse Saint Hilaire Bordeaux

Pop down to your local Co op and seek out this Saint Émilion Bordeaux hand over your tenner and I hope you won’t be disappointed, I wasn’t. Firstly let me say that if you’re looking for a complex claret this isn’t it but if you’re looking for something fairly typical of the area at a reasonable price then this may well be for you.

This youthful Bordeaux from the right bank is Merlot dominant with lots of jammy dark fruit, there’s some mouth watering acidity and the tannins are fairly tame. Mainly dark plum, blackcurrant and cherry with some peppery spice, a touch of cedar, cloves and not overly oaked.

Nothing to dislike here, just a well made easy drinking Bordeaux (not something I say very often) and well done to the Co op for stocking it.

Listen, I not a big drinker of Bordeaux and I know there are probably lots more ‘good affordable’ clarets out there, so if you know of any, pop it in the comments below.

ComTesse Saint Hilaire Montagne Saint Émilion 2018 Co op

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks

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