Fairtrade – Sovee & Malbec Video Tasting

For the past few weeks my wife and I have participated in a zoom wine tasting with 3 other couples in which we all take it in turn to select a white and red to open and taste together on video. This weeks wines were selected by our friends, both Fairtrade wines one of them being a Malbec unintentionally coinciding with world Malbec day and the other a South African Sovee Bee.

These particular bottles were bought from the Co op who are the largest retailers of Fairtrade wines which originate from South Africa, Argentina and Chile, the quote below comes from the Fairtrade foundation…..

‘Buying Fairtrade wine helps ensure that farmers and workers are receiving a fair price – as well as an additional premium to help their community invest in essential services such as education, sanitation and health care.’

I must say first that my experience of tasting Fairtrade wines has mostly been positive with the odd exception but these bottles were in fact, both pretty decent and enjoyable.

Fairtrade South African Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc

Part of the Co op Irresistible range this Sovee Bee from South Africa’s Western Cape was the first up to be tasted and from the initial reactions from all, it seemed this was going to be well received and it was.

For those of you who like the crispness of a NZ Marlborough sovee, this is different, much more subdued, less aggressive with an initial burst of green apples and pears with a background of more tropical fruits such as pineapple and apricots. There is some acidity but again nothing like a NZ sovee this was much more mellow and gentle.

The consensus around the screen was positive, it’s a nice enough sovee, flavoursome and we all enjoyed it.

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks

Fairtrade Malbec 2019

Fairtrade Malbec 2019

As I said earlier it was Malbec day and although the guys who selected this didn’t know, it was a fitting day to taste what turned out to be the favourite if only just.

Who doesn’t like Malbec ? as it turned out no-one in our tasting. This was a lovely example of a smooth drinking red with lots of dark cherries and blackberries with some cinnamon spice. Tannins were soft with just the right amount of juicy mouth watering acidity to keep it tasting bright and fresh.

For around £7 this is brilliant value for money and soooo’ easy to drink and judging by the Mmmm’s and Ahhhh’s from our illustrious tasting panel a big hit with everyone and just pipping the Sovee to the top spot.

My cork rating
My rating 8.5/10 Corks

Thank you to Paul & Ursula for selecting the wines and onwards to the next selection with as it happens is our turn in three weeks time.

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