Glorious Garnacha

Back to Lidl again and a wine that surprised me ( I do find myself saying this a lot when it comes to this store). In terms of value for money at £6.99 this Garnacha is hard to beat, if you like your reds big, high in alcohol and with bags of flavour without feeling like a wine that will make you reach out for the paracetamol after a couple of glasses then you would do well to grab a bottle of this.

The term ‘Roble’ (Spanish word for oak) refers to a red wine that usually only spends a few months in new oak barrels as apposed to a Crianza style which has around 12 months. This kiss of oak gives the wine some vanillary characteristics which enhances the rich red candied fruit so often associated with Garnacha.

Navarra Garnacha Roble 2018

This looked like it’s going to be a serious wine and to a certain extent it is, ok, it’s not a Priorat but then again it’s only £6.99 a bottle. Garnacha (or Grenache) for some reason seems to be quite trendy at the moment, it’s a red with bags of candied red fruits, mainly cherry and plums, first sip reminded me a lot of those ‘cherry drop’ sweets that were popular when I was a kid.

Garnacha is a late ripening grape which tends to give way to higher sugars which in turn creates higher alcohol content and this is 14% abv, although it doesn’t feel like it. I chilled this slightly (around 20 minutes in the fridge, it’s just a thing I do a lot, works for me ! ). There’s a hint of vanilla and definitely a touch of cinnamon, also some mouth watering acidity and pretty muted tannins to finish with. As I said, this is a big wine without feeling like a big wine and without a big price, I for one will be buying it again.

Lidl £6.99 Navarra Garnacha Roble 2018

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