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Always nice when you get a recommendation for a wine that turns out to be not exactly what you thought it would be like but surprises you and that’s exactly the case with this particular bottle. The wine in question is the ‘Curator’ White blend made by ‘AA Badenhorst Family wines’ from the Swartland appellation in South Africa who make the excellent ‘Secateurs’ range.

Let me say straight away this wine won’t blow you away but if you want an unfussy, tasty inexpensive summer white you could could do a lot worse than this. I heard a comment about this calling it a ‘Patio Pounder’ not quite sure what is meant by that but funny enough, it sort of sounds right !

The Curator White Blend 2020

The Curator White blend

A blend of mainly Chenin Blanc with a splash of Chardonnay and Viognier and as I mentioned earlier this is an uncomplicated wine but delivers on the taste front with some richness from the Chenin followed by the counter balance of sour lemon and grapefruit with a touch of salinity on the finish.

When first sticking your nose in the glass it was quite aromatic, lots of ripe tropical fruits but the initial sip is where the surprise comes in, there was some spice and texture from the Chenin initially but it was the sour finish that made it a little different and to be honest very refreshing. Peaches, pineapple mango giving way to an explosion of Lemons, limes and grapefruit, bright, lively and a lovely summer party pleaser.

Summing up, a fun wine with something for everyone, I got this on offer with my wife’s discount for just over £5 and at that price I’d happily buy more

The Curator Waitrose £8.99 (on offer £6.74 Until 27/7)

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks
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