Casa Roscoli Primitivo

Back to Italy today and before I give you my thoughts on this wine I must give congratulations (through gritted teeth) to the Italian football team for winning the Euro’s, they were the most consistently good team of the tournament even though they beat both Spain and England, two teams close to my heart.

Back to the wine, this particular bottle is made by one of the biggest Italian Co op’s (Caviro) in Faenza and now finds itself sitting on the shelf of your local Tesco.

Casa Roscoli Organic Primitivo 2020

Casa Roscoli Primitivo 2020

Pretty understated label I know but the wine itself is on the whole is nice enough. Primitivo is also known as Zinfandel in the USA, I mention this because Tesco have listed Zinfandel as the actual Grape variety on their website. When initially poured it did seem fairly dense in colour and as it turned out fairly dense in flavour as well.

Fairly heady on the nose with ripe plum and cherry, a little fruit cakey and slightly confected. On first sip it seemed quite heavy, there was a lot of dark really ripe fruit, tannins were noticeable and there was a little chocolate, nutmeg and other sweet spices. Alcohol is 13.5% but to be honest it seemed like more but it did have some freshness which helped.

I liked it, may be a little on the heavy side for some and it perhaps needed food but decent enough without hitting any heights, kept a little back to see if it softens after 24 hours and I will update this post.

Tesco £8

Cork Rating
My rating 6.5/10 Corks
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