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Semillon, another wine that divides opinion, but for me it deserves serious consideration if you want a white wine that is just a little different. Apart from Bordeaux, Semillon is found mainly in Australia, especially from the Hunter Valley region, although this particular bottle is from Heritage Wines in the Barossa valley in Southern Australia.

Although this bottle is a 2018 it is generally better if it has some age to it, perhaps up to 3 or 4 years before it really starts to come into its own. I’ve actually been saving a McWilliams ‘Mount Pleasant Elizabeth’ Hunter Valley Semillon 2005 (very much looking forward to opening this one).

As I mention it may not appeal to some, but if you’re a Sauvignon Blanc fan then perhaps try a White Bordeaux, which is a blend of Sovee and Semillon and then give a 100% Semillon a go, you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Heritage Wines Barossa Semillon 2018

Heritage Semillon 2018

A dry wine with a distinctive lemony, lime tang with bright acidity, but with some texture/weight to it. Along with the obvious citrus there were some hints of something more tropical in the mix. A touch of oak was noticeable and savoury notes with a somewhat oily texture, which is normally found in Semillon.

Leave this a few more years and it will develop more concentrated flavors, but on a hot balmy summers day, this went down a treat even at this young stage and I enjoyed it very much as did others who tried it.

Heritage wines Barossa Semillon Rebellion Brewery around £12.99

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My rating 8/10 Corks
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