Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2014

Back to the Southern Rhône in this review, been a while since I’ve poured myself a ‘Pope’s new castle’ and rummaging though my rack I came across this bottle , can’t remember where I got it from but I know it was a while ago, I know many Châteaneuf du Pape’s can age for up to 30 years but I for one wasn’t ready to wait that long and decided time to pull that cork was now!

Louis Raynald Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2014

Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2014 French red wine from the Southern Rhone

In the glass it was showing the signs of a little aging with the colour turning to a more rusty brown, fairly muted aromas on the nose, hard to determine any fruit, only a whiff of some smoke and earthiness.

Although on first sip, there was a distinct stewed fruit taste, blackberries and prunes to the fore, tannins had faded slightly and it had a definite earthiness to the taste along with tobacco and leather. There was a touch of sweetness and spice on the finish, still fairly fresh considering its age, pleasant enough and I enjoyed it especially with our Lamb dinner, pairing perfectly.

As I said earlier, can’t remember where I got this and probably cost around £14 – £15 pounds but it was enjoyable enough and all who tried it thought so as well, glad I opened it now though !

My cork rating
My rating 7/10 Corks
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