Lidl French Wine Tour 2021 Pt 1

Off we go again with another one of Lidl’s excellent wine tours, this time featuring a selection of French wines to try. During a quick shop, I managed to grab a couple, a white Ventoux (Grenache Blanc) and a Morgon (Gamay). Before I continue, I must say that I struggle with the Gamay grape and I’m yet to be convinced about it, but I thought what the heck, I’ll take the plunge and try the Morgon which on the whole gets excellent reviews, did it convert me, read on to find out.

Ventoux Blanc 2020 & Morgon 2019

Ventoux Blanc 2020 & Morgon Gamay 2019

Ventoux Blanc 2020 – First up is the Ventoux Blanc from the Rhône region, the label doesn’t give much away, in fact, it doesn’t say much at all, so I’m guessing it’s mainly Grenache Blanc with perhaps some others in the mix, probably Clairette or Rousanne but I’m only speculating. Nevertheless, this was a lovely surprise.

A crisp, dry white, with some real ripeness and texture, flavours of baked apples, pear, lemon peel and dried herbs. The finish has an almond nuttiness to it with a perception of some sweetness. There’s still a lot of bright acidity keeping it tasting fresh and it’s a drink I’d quite happily drink on its own, very nice indeed.

Ventoux Blanc £6.99

Cork rating
My Rating 8/10 Corks

Morgon 2019 – Next is the Morgon 2019 (Gamay). As I said earlier, I struggle to get to grips with Gamay, so when I saw this Morgan (Supposedly a step up in Beaujolais terms) I thought why not, eventually I might stumble onto a bottle that impresses, you never know. To start with I opened it up early and chilled it slightly to give every opportunity to shine, I poured my first glass stuck my nose in the glass and well, it smelt ok, lots of ripe red fruits, very floral and savoury, a good start. I hesitantly took my first sip and here’s where the problem lies, it didn’t really grab me, even if there was a lot of red fruit juiciness, damsons, cherries, there was also an overriding bitter liquorice flavour that was a little disconcerting along with a noticeable kick of tannins.

Lots of people love Gamay and this Morgon (even if it is entry-level) is probably a well made wine, it’s just not for me, and I may well get shot down in flames, so It kind of tasted a little bland and dare I say a touch watery, so the quest goes on, perhaps one day I can be convinced by Gamay, I’m happy to be proved wrong.

Morgon 2019

My Rating 6/10 Corks

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