Peter Lehmann Portrait Shiraz – good enough to frame

Been a while since a wine enthralled me like this one did, what an absolute delight it was, even for a Monday night. I grabbed this Barossa Shiraz to bring along to our local ‘Prime Steak house’, where we were celebrating my wife’s birthday. The restaurant was offering a BYOB with no corkage and put that together with a voucher as a gift, the evening turned out to be a lovely occasion, even if we did over indulge and eat too much.

As I said it’s been a while since I tasted an Aussie Shiraz and I now ask myself why? This was so good!

Peter Lehmann Barossa Portrait Shiraz 2016

Peter Lehmann Barossa Portrait Shiraz 2016

Can’t remember where I bought this as its been sitting in my rack for a while now, I know Tesco sell it for around £15 and has gone up considerably since I got mine but despite the price this is a cracking wine.

Blimey, this was a pretty tall and a very heavy bottle, on opening the wine was very dense in colour and the aroma was instant, I could almost smell this before getting it anywhere near my nose. As well as the rich dark cherry and plum fruit which was pretty intense there was a definite distinctive whiff of black olive with some chocolate and smoke. I hovered over the glass for a while as I was enjoying the aroma so much.

Taste wise the enjoyment didn’t stop, again the dark fruits shone with ripe cherry, blueberries and plums, surprisingly the tannins were soft, hardly noticeable. There was some fig and tar along with sweet spices, chocolate and a real smokiness on the finish. You hear people say a wine is ‘velvety’ and to be honest, this sums up the wine perfectly.

Nice to get back to a meaty, full on red wine I’ve missed it and this fitted the bill perfectly, 14.5% abv but didn’t really feel like it. Paired with our steak perfectly, forget your Argentine Malbec this was doing the job brilliantly.

In the end we had a lovely evening with good food and a superb bottle of wine, job done !

Peter Lehmann Portrait Shiraz Tesco £15

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