Wickhams – getting in ‘La Loupe’

Up next is another wine from ‘Wickhams’ a small but up and coming independent wine and spirit merchant which from what I’ve discovered so far are offering some pretty decent wines with free delivery for orders over £40, (guaranteed to arrive within 1 to 2 days), now that’s a good deal!

The latest wine I tasted from them was a Grenache Noir from the  Languedoc in southern France and I must say for the price, it’s probably up there with some of the best wines I’ve tasted this year so far, so read on to find out a bit more about why I think this is a fabulous red.

La Loupe Grenache Noir 2019

Wickhams - La Loupe Grenache Noir -  Languedoc

Firstly, it’s a vibrant color in the glass, on the nose, there’s lots red fruit and slightly candied aroma which was appealing. First sip this was gloriously smooth and velvety, I know smooth & velvety are adjectives used a lot to describe wine but they kind of sum this up perfectly. All perfectly balanced, sweetish red fruits mainly very ripe cherry, strawberries and raspberries are evident, giving a fresh mouth watering sensation but never seeming too tart. Muted tannins are also there along with a touch of savouriness and a hint of white pepper to finish.

Summing up, this is the kind of wine that may well appeal to a lot of people and I think it probably will, I certainly liked it and have no hesitation in recommending it, especially and the bargain price of £7.95 now that is a steal! But at the regular price of £9 it’s still well worth the money.

But hey! Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself, you may well be pleasantly surprised.

La Loupe Grenache Noir 2019 Wickams £7.95 on offer (regular price £9)

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