Wickhams – Long Barn Pinot Noir

Carrying on from where I left off in the last review, we have another excellent offering from the ever reliable Wickhams, this time a very agreeable Pinot Noir.

Although Pinot Noir is notoriously hard to get right, when it works, it’s hard to find a more agreeable wine. This particular bottle is from the cooler climate Napa Valley county in California. Styles vary around the world so don’t expect a Burgundy, this is very much a different flavor profile with its lighter, slightly sweeter taste but still retaining a fine elegance with lots of bright red fruits.

Typically drunk slightly chilled (although I tend to chill most of my reds, but that’s just me!) Is it more of a food wine? Maybe, but what I do know is that it was very enjoyable.

Long Barn Pinot Noir 2019

Lomg Barn Pinot Noir 2019

Lightly translucent red in colour, soft aromas of ripe red fruits, namely cherry, raspberries and strawberry with the merest whiff of something more gamey. Initially on first sip the red fruits burst with mouth watering acidity leading to a gentle sweetness. There are limited tannins and some sweet vanilla, baking spice and strangely but in a good way a hint of earl gray tea on the finish.

Summing up, this Pinot was all about the fruit which really shone through, along with some sweet spice, slightly chilling helped and it ended up being a delight to drink. Pair it with Crispy duck or barbecued pork and you won’t go wrong, equally drink it on its own in the sunshine, either way it’s a delight.

Long Barn Pinot Noir Wickhams £13.50

My Cork Rating
My rating 8.75/10 corks
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