Rising to the Pinnacle again

Just a quick shout out for this again and one of my favourite Sauvignon Blanc’s the ‘Ned Pinnacle’ which is unmistakably a New Zealand Sovee but with a little more restraint and all the better for it.

With so many bland offerings out there at the moment, it’s always nice when a bottle comes along that makes you sit up and take notice. The Entry-level Ned has always been an affordable, reliable option and does the job perfectly well if you like that intense ‘in your face’ NZ sovee style but the Pinnacle just elevates it to another level.

I’ve reviewed this before and to be honest, my thoughts on it haven’t changed so here is the review again…..

The Ned Pinnacle Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Ned Pinnacle Sauvignon Blanc (sovee)

This is full of the normal flavours you would expect, there’s plenty of grassiness, herbs, gooseberries, lime, nettles, followed by some sweeter hints of peach and apricots. It has lots of acidity, but all perfectly balanced with the fruit which has a touch of spice in the background, there’s even an element of creaminess you don’t usually find in a Sovee giving it a smoother rounder texture.

For me, it’s that more restrained finish that sets it apart even giving it a kind of elegance and a more rounded flavour without losing that New Zealand charm. So if you’re a fan of the Ned, try this next level up, ok, it’s a little more expensive but in my view well worth it.

Ned Pinnacle Sauvignon Blanc Waitrose £12.99

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My rating is still a whopping 9/10 corks
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