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Can a can of wine taste good? Yes it can, sorry, I know too many cans in a sentence, but like it or not it seems that ‘wine in a can’ is here to stay.

As consumers we are familiar with drinking out of cans, soft drinks and beer mostly but now wines? Well, why not? Trying to get the balance right between fun, sustainability and quality seem to be the overriding issue and to be honest from what I’ve seen and tasted so far, things are heading in the right direction. Ok, it may not have the same romantic appeal that a bottle of wine can bring but they are fun, practical and kind of cool looking.

Let’s start with the benefits of a can, without going into too much detail. Sustainability, which can be a complicated subject, but there’s no denying that it’s easier to dispose of a small can than a glass bottle and it has a much lower carbon footprint. It’s cheaper to produce, easier to store, It’s also easier to transport, whether bulk delivery or just sticking the odd can in your bag to take on a picnic. They generally hold an equivalent of a large glass usually 250ml and stops that dilemma of looking at half a bottle of wine and pondering should I finish it?

Most importantly though, is the wine any good, generally, you can expect it to be on a par with the same wine from a bottle and this is what I have found with the ones I’ve tasted so far, to be honest, I was a little sceptical when first trying them and I found myself mostly, pleasantly surprised.

Kiss of Wine

Kiss of Wine sources great quality wine from independent winemakers around Europe to make the best wine they can from smaller batch producers, packaged in trendy, fun looking cans these wines are anything but run of the mill, read on to find out what I think…

Smooth – It’s a Chardonnay 2019

Loire Valley Canned Chardonnay

Smooth pretty much sums up this Chardonnay from the Loire valley in France and if you didn’t know it comes from a can, you may be forgiven in thinking that it could be 3 or 4 times the price that it is. A somewhat restrained nose but taste-wise it’s very aromatic, crisp and zingy, with lots of minerality and fresh tropical fruit flavours, peach and pineapple with some citrus apples and pear on the finish. There’s lots of acidity going on that helps with the freshness and the flavours intensify in the glass as it warms up. None of your buttery over-oaked Chardonnay here, the fruit shines and all the better for it.

£4.75 for a 250ml can 12% abv

Cork rating
My rating 8/10 Corks

Zesty – It’s a Riesling

Kiss of Wine Riesling

Carrying on from the Chardonnay I must say this is another impressive wine, this time from the Rheingau in Germany, a very fruit-forward Riesling with a bit of a tang, think Zesty is very apt. As with the Chardonnay aroma wise, it’s a little on the muted side, but on the first sip that this wine really shines. This had a real summer feel to it, lots of bright mouth-watering acidity, lemon and limes dominant and a tangy finish. This is another extremely well-made wine and thoroughly enjoyable, perhaps just nudging ahead of the Chardonnay.

£4.75 for a 250 ml can 11.5% abv

My Cork Rating
My rating 8.75/10 corks

Crisp – It’s a Sauvignon Blanc

Kiss of Wine Sauvignon Blanc in a can

Last of the three whites and this doesn’t let the side down, back to France and the Loire Valley for this Sovee Bee. If you’re expecting something intense and in your face, as in maybe a New Zealand Sovee you may be disappointed, but this is very much a more subtle and elegant wine, more restrained and for me, this is what sets it apart. Very much a Sovee, there is some grassiness and gooseberries but all a bit more cosy and gentle, there’s still lots of acidity, but all perfectly balanced and again as in the previous wines a delight to drink.

£4.75 for a 250ml can 12% abv

Cork rating
My Rating 8/10 Corks

And Finally……

Well, what can I say, apart from giving a big pat on the back to the ‘Kiss of Wine’ team, if this doesn’t change your mind about the wines from a can nothing will, they’re all extremely well made and sourced and as I’ve mentioned a delight to drink, ok £4.75 is not particularly cheap but for this quality, I’d pay it every day.

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