Tomich Hill Sauvignon Blanc

It didn’t take long for another Sovee Bee to surface, and this time it’s not from Marlborough but from Australia’s, Adelaide Hills. A cool climate region with its share of cold nights, mist and spring frosts which in turn lead to fresher tasting Sovee’s, and this is exactly what we have here, if you’re expecting an intense, zippy and aromatic Sovee then this may well surprise you because it’s not. With Tomich Hill what you do get is a dry, crisp, tart, fresh-tasting wine, with a flavour that slowly creeps up on you.

Tomich Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Tomich Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2020

As you can see from the picture above, it’s a very pale, almost water like colour perhaps with a tinge of green. Aroma wise, there’s not a lot going on, perhaps a hint of lemon and lime if you linger long enough. The taste is where this comes into its own, Initially, sharp citrus fruits hit you, lots of lemons, lime and grapefruit, this has a serious citrus thing going on and to some maybe a little too sour/tart but for me that’s what this wine is all about, it’s bright and fresh. That’s not all, as it warms up there are some green herbs coming through and a mere tickle of oak which just gives it another dimension.

If you’re looking for something dry, vibrant and fresh-tasting to complement a plate of seafood this will pair beautifully, but also if you just want to drink a well made Sovee on its own that’s a little different from some intense in your face versions then try this and see what you think?

Tomich Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Waitrose (Currently on offer for £7.49 until 12/10/21)

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks

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