Pinzellada 2016

Aah!, back to Spain again and back to Celler Alimara for another one of their impressive wines, this time the strangely named Pinzellada (translates to a brushstroke or swirl) a blend of Carignan 74% and Grenache 26%. I actually found this during a day out at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, they have a fantastic wine shop on-site and to my surprise, the Pinzellada was sitting there on their shelf crying out to be bought and of course, I couldn’t resist.

So far, I’ve been impressed with the wines from Celler Alimara including their Llumí range (both Blanc and Negre) and seriously enjoyed their Rosat which was one of the better Rosé wines I’ve tasted in a long while. So how did this Pinzellada rate alongside such prestigious bottles, read on to find out my thoughts…

Pinzellada Carignan Grenache 2016

Pinzellada Carignan Grenache 2016

Choosing between the Llumí and the Pinzellada is like choosing your favourite son or daughter, both wines are, in my opinion, stunning the former being almost a half and half blend of Carignan and Grenache while the Swirl is predominately Carignan with some Grenache.

The first thing that hits when tasting the Pinzellada is the intenseness of the fruit, lots of really ripe sweet blackcurrants and blueberries, there’s also a mouth-watering acidity giving a real sense of vibrancy and freshness. Smoke, liquorice and some dried herbs, possibly thyme, make an appearance, the tannins are noticeable along with a hint of oak but everything is beautifully balanced, finishing long and satisfying. Alcohol is relatively high at 14.5% but didn’t seem like it.

I actually chilled this slightly for around 10 mins or so (as I do most of my reds) and it paired beautifully with our steak meal.

If I was pushed, I’ve got to say that the Pinzellada did it for me, it was lovely, I’m glad I bought three bottles but now wished I’d bought more. The good news is there’s still more wines from Celler Alimara to try including their flagship La Xispa.

Keep up the good work guys!

Pinzellada £11.90 Buy Catalan Wines

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2 thoughts on “Pinzellada 2016

  1. Thanks Dave! Great review. Waddesden now also have our 2018 version “gn” – 100% Garnatxa Negra. Each Pinzellada release is a unique snapshot of a vintage, a barrel or a cupage that we seek to offer at a great price.

    1. Thanks Andrew, really enjoyed this Pinzellada, partial to a drop of Carignan.
      We often find ourselves at Waddesdon, so I shall check out what they’ve got next time.

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