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After opening up all the good stuff over Christmas, today it was back to quickly grabbing a bottle from my rack, without giving it too much thought, to pair with our evening meal and I must say it turned out to be an inspired choice. The bottle in question purchased in Laithwaites was the ‘Opi Malbec 2020’ from Mendoza, Argentina, with its cool looking label, I’m a bit of a sucker for labels featuring the winemakers signature. Apparently ‘Opi’ is their master winemaker ‘Rodolfo Sadlers’ nickname, given to him by his sister.

Opi Malbec 2020

Opi Malbec 2020

Not overly fond of the term ‘ really drinkable’ but to be honest it kind of sums up this wine perfectly. Nose in the glass this is undoubtedly a Malbec, berries, plums, violets, cloves and liquorice. Taste-wise tons of dark rich fruit come through, namely, blueberries, plums, blackberries and a hint of cherry, there’s some dark chocolate with a touch of smoke lurking in the background but all finishing with enough bright acidity to keep it tasting fresh along with soft tannins which makes it all very silky on the palate.

Not what I would call complex wine but that doesn’t detract from what is, on the whole, a very good honest well made Malbec. So next time you visit Laithwaites be sure to stick a bottle in your basket you won’t be disappointed.

Opi Malbec 2020 Laithwaites £9.99

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks

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