Arbo Malbec

Following on from the last post and continuing the Malbec theme, I opened another bottle, this time not from Argentina but from its spiritual home, Bordeaux. This particular bottle comes from the ‘Côtes de Francs’ close to Margaux in the Bordeaux region and is made primarily from Malbec with a splash of Merlot.

Grand Vin De Bordeaux – Arbo Malbec 2018

Arbo Malbec 2018

Certainly different compared to the Argentinian, almost more grown-up, but both were very enjoyable in their own way. Needed time to open up a little, initially slightly tannic and earthy but after a while, it all softened a bit and was much more approachable. Very dry but juicy with dark fruits dominating with the usual Cherry, plum, and blackcurrant but there was much more of a liquorice flavour and not so much of the violets you associate with a Malbec.

The only difference with this French bottle is that it needed food whereas the Previous Argentinian bottle was much easier to drink on its own and for that reason, I have marked this down half a cork. Still enjoyed it as did my wife and it paired beautifully with our fillet steak but it did need decanting, so if you have a bottle open it an hour or so before.

Arbo Malbec 2018 Averys £13.99 (£10.99 mix 12)

My cork rating
My rating 7/10 Corks

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