Bastide Miraflors

Bastide Miraflors, may well sound like a villain from a James Bond film but this blend of Syrah and Grenache from the Roussillon, in the southernmost part of France bordering Spain is anything but a villain. I picked up a few bottles of this a little while back from Lidl, not seen it for a while now but there still may be some bottles in-store hiding on the shelves, definitely worth a look.

For now, you can still find it in Costco wholesalers who are currently offering free shipping, although it will probably be the 2019 vintage. For me, it’s one of those wines I’d want to have around to call on anytime and it’s worth having a little stock, I’ve still got four left and I will be buying more.

Bastide Miraflors 2018

Bastide Miraflors 2018

Well, where do I start with this? a big bottle and a big impressive wine, rich, dense and bold. A blend of Syrah 70% and Grenache 30%, full of ripe plum, blackcurrant and dark cherry, quite earthy and gamey with noticeable black pepper spice. There’s some leather, liquorice, mint and sweetish vanilla along with softish tannins and to be honest, even at 14.5% abv it’s so smooth and a delight to drink.

Happy to have this as a house wine, even at £10 a bottle, although I think I initially paid about £8 for it at Lidl, so if you can find some at that price, fill your basket.

Bastide Miraflors £10.49 a bottle at Costco

My cork rating
My rating 8.5/10 Corks

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