Kiss of Wine – The Spanish Cans

Before we get into the review I must point out that anybody having any doubts or preconceived ideas about drinking wine from a can should seriously think again because from what I have tasted so far and that includes the three whites they produce, this company has got it pretty much spot on.

My review last September of the Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc included this paragraph which nicely sums up what Kiss of Wine is all about, ‘they source great quality wine from independent winemakers around Europe to make the best wine they can from smaller batch producers, packaged in trendy, fun looking cans these wines are anything but run of the mill’.

So here we have, ‘Kiss of wine – the sequel’, this time featuring two organic reds from Spain’s Valencia region and made by the renowned Spanish winemaker Rodolfo Valiente.

Punchy – It’s a Tempranillo

Kiss Of Wine Tempranillo

First up is the Spanish Tempranillo from Valencia, coming in at a hefty 14.5% abv (not that you’d notice it) and I must say it’s a seriously good red wine. Medium-bodied and a deep ruby colour, this has heaps of ripe red fruits, cherries and strawberries but it’s the cherries that have the starring role here. Tannins are noticeable and there’s a hint of tobacco, vanilla and cloves. The description mentions dried figs and I’d go along with that, there’s also a mere hint of sweetness and some lovely fresh acidity.

A red wine that lives up to its simple but relevant name, and it definitely packs a punch! I’d happily drink a bottle of this or in this case a few cans.

My Cork Rating
My rating 8.75/10 corks

Picante It’s a Garnacha Tintorera

Kiss of Wine Picante Garnacha

Another wine from Valencia, Spain, although this can is called Picante (meaning spicy) it could equally be called the same as the Tempranillo one, as this is pretty ‘Punchy’ as well, I’d even go on to say it’s more of a knockout. Again an even heftier 15% alcohol and you know it. Big tannins in this as well, really ripe dark fruits, think cassis and plums, along with some dried herbs and pepper spice, finishing with a big hit of liquorice and tobacco.

Another brilliantly made wine which I loved maybe just slightly more than the Tempranillo but only just!

Cork ratings
My rating 9/10 corks

Blimey, ‘Kiss of Wine’ make good wines, the quality of all their range I’ve tasted so far has been excellent, due to sourcing skilful winemakers and using top producers and all packaged in a can!.

*** So stay tuned, I’ve still got to taste their Italian reds (Nebbiolo and Dolcetto) and from what I’ve tasted so far I should be in for a treat.

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2 thoughts on “Kiss of Wine – The Spanish Cans

  1. Hi Dave. Interesting read. It’s Monday, for a start, plus I’ve just had a cortizone injection in my ass – so, I may not thinking straight! Can you explain the process by which these wines end up in the can, please. I don’t understand the paragraph you quote at the begining. It must be me!

    Also, unlike Stuart, I can’t find the website to which he refers. I’m currently in Valencia (Communidad) and would like to know if I might be able to find these cans.

    Muchas Gracias!


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