Delights of White Bordeaux

Heading off to France and the Côtes de Bordeaux – Blaye district, sitting in the northern left bank of Bordeaux with this typical white wine which is an aromatic blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.

An interesting fact from their website and the owner M. Filliatreau….. He hit on the idea of barrel-fermenting it in the new barrels destined for the red wine. Since it is picked early (in August) it completed its fermentation in wood (for around 6 weeks) and was back in the tank by the time of the ‘décuvage’ of the red. Because the barrels were needed for the red, their cost has not been factored into the price of this fantastic bright and surprisingly complex white.’

Château Beaumont Les Pierrières 2019


On opening, straight away the aromatics of this wine hit you, it is full of tropical fruit including peach, papaya, pineapple and a subtle whiff of banana. On first sip there is almost a perfumed taste, those tropical fruits come through again, lots of mango this time with some peach and nectarines. Gooseberries and some grassiness feature, as well as some nutmeg, herbs and again banana, rears its head. Perhaps the finish is a little short and slightly on the bitter side but on the whole, it doesn’t detract from a wine that was a delight to drink, and my wife really thought so as well.

So in my ‘Vinoview’ this is an excellent introduction to White Bordeaux and to be honest I should make an effort to drink more of it.

Château Beaumont Les Pierrières Lea and Sandeman £12.95

Cork rating
My rating 8/10 Corks

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