Don David Malbec

Argentina is our next stop and this impressive Malbec and how could I not try this bottle with a name like ‘Don David’. Bought this at my local Co-op store which in my opinion stocks a very good selection of wines, I would even go as far to say that their selection is up there with the best from any supermarket currently out there and I have rarely been disappointed they also stock a big selection of Fairtrade wines as well, of which this is one.

On the label, it says a blend of terroirs from two high altitude vineyards in the Calchaqui Valley supplying the grapes, the Finca La Maravilla and Chaña Punco. What we end up with is a pretty full-bodied wine with bags of fruit and structure, read on to find out more…

El Esteco Don David (Blend of Terroirs) Malbec 2020

Don David Malbec

To start it comes in an Impressive looking bottle, from the ‘El Esteco’ winery and what’s in the bottle is fairly impressive too. Succulent and juicy with bags of mouth-watering acidity. The fruitiness instantly hits you, rich dark plums and cherries are dominant, there’s also some violets and a lovely tobacco smokiness. Oak is noticeable but not intrusive, sweet vanilla, cocoa and a kind of earthy, meatiness in the background, which was nice.

At 14% abv it still packs a punch, but you wouldn’t instantly notice, although maybe a little later when you try to stand up you may. Anyway, to finish up I thought this was a delight, excellent value for a Malbec under £10 and one I would happily drink again.

Don David Malbec Co-op £9

My cork rating
My rating 8.5/10 Corks

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  1. Thank you for this Dave . I have a £1 off coupon at the co op so I will go and get a bottle next week when I’m passing a store where they say its being stocked . Cheers now …

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