ADNAMS Southwold Spindrift Blonde

My first Beer Review

I interrupt this blog to bring you something completely different, yes it’s a beer review! and it may well be something I will be doing a little more often. My first love will always be wine but I still drink beer and I must admit after cracking open a can of this Adnams ale, I thought why not tell you guys what I think of it. If it goes well I may well start introducing the odd review and to be honest what better way to start than to share my thoughts about this particular beer with you all.

Firstly let me say, as in my wine reviews I’m far from being anywhere near an expert, but I like to think I have a little knowledge, especially wine and I like beer, so what better credentials are there to let you know my honest views on what I’m drinking.

ADNAMS Southwold Spindrift East Coast Blonde

4% Alc Vol

Adnams Spindrift

So here goes, ADNAMS Spindrift East Coast Blonde ale, let me say the can looks terrific and if this doesn’t make you want to crack it open nothing will. This is an ADNAMS beer of yesteryear, re-introduced for a celebration of ADNAMS Brewery’s 150th year, last seen in 2006 in its distinctive blue bottle it’s been brought back and rebranded brewed to its original recipe but with a slightly less alcohol abv. Spindrift as depicted on the can is named after the spray blown from cresting waves on the Suffolk east coast.

Lovely golden colour in the glass with a decent head, there is a delicate citrusy aroma along with something maltier, I’m thinking those Malted milk biscuits I was so fond of and to be honest, still am. Now with a 4% abv which just makes it more appealing and very much more drinkable. Well chilled this is really refreshing and very dry, fruity to begin with, mostly citrus and then that malty, yeasty taste kicks in, and I think it’s this that gives it such a unique flavour. Mildly carbonated on the palate and along with the malt there is a tinge of caramel and dried herbs. I must admit I know nothing about the hops in this beer but for those of you who are interested, they are Boadicea, First Gold, Nelson Sauvin.

So there you go my first beer review and very good it was too, a nice easy going light and refreshing drink, so you may well be seeing more in the future, stay tuned.

Spindrift East Coast Blonde Adnams £22.99 (12 x 330ml Cans)

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My Rating 8/10 Ring Pulls
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