M&S Found – Pais

Carrying on where I left off with the M&S Classics range here is another good and slightly different bottle, this time from their ‘Found’ range of wines, featuring lesser-known grapes, and introducing us to Pais.

The actual grape variety was brought over by the Spanish conquistadors to South America sometime in the 16th Century but was only thought of as a mediocre wine at best, and hence superseded by friendlier international varieties. It has now made a resurgence and this particular bottle from M&S shows just how good this wine can be, especially as a lightish, easy-drinking, bright red.

From Chile’s oldest wine region, the cool climate Itata valley which is around 400Km (250 miles) south of Santiago, where the vineyards have an abundance of Pais, Muscat of Alexandria, Cinsault and Carignan.

M&S Found – Pais

M&S Chilean Pais

Must admit, I can’t remeber tasting Pais before, but I may well have sampled it at some point, to be honest, I lose track sometimes I’ve tasted so many.

The nose was fairly muted, with some smokiness and a hint of red fruits. My first reaction when tasting it was that it was a bit like a Beaujolais, now I’m not a fan of BoJo but this definitely had more about it. Cherries, raspberries and plums, with noticeable tannins and more than a hint of liquorice and allspice. Juicy, mouth-watering acidity dominates but it all feels kind of soft but with depth. There was also a little leafy tobacco on the finish along with a slight bitterness.

Overall pleasant enough, I enjoyed it, easy to drink, and I’d happily open up another bottle.

M&S Pais – £9 a bottle

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks
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