Discovering Sherry in London

During the month of May 2022, an authentic taste of Andalucia, Spain is here with ‘The Sherry tour of London’, where the delights of sherry in all its styles, will hit the capital at the same time as feria festivals take place in Spain. At last count over forty-five bars and restaurants have signed up to embrace and celebrate how versatile this wonderful drink can be from the dry and fresh-tasting Fino’s and Manzanilla’s right through to the creams and the luscious Pedro Ximenez PX.

So if you’re an established Sherry lover or tasting this wonderful drink for the first time come along to the capital during May and take part in a celebration of what Sherry has to offer!

See here for a full list of partici[ants

I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive preview and launch event at the Carousel wine bar London, where there was a celebration of the world of Sherry and food pairings showing the incredible diversity this wine has to offer. All styles of Sherry were on show and celebrated Spanish chef José Pizarro created a wonderful Squid dish to pair with Oloroso. Many other bars and restaurants were on show including Brindisa, Barrafina, Aqua Nueva, Bibo and the Salt Yard Group to name but a few.

I must say all the Sherries on show were fabulous and included all the range from the fresh Fino and sherry cocktails right through to the velvety sweet Pedro Ximinez PX. The food as well has a big part to play when enjoying Sherry as it’s a fabulous food wine, especially any kind of salty Tapas or just simply enjoy a glass of whatever style you like, especially chilled on a hot summers day.

Below is a quick basic summary of the popular styles

Fino – Clear, bone dry with aromas of bready dough and almonds, aged in barrels with a covering of yeast on the surface which is referred to as Flor to prevent oxidation, must be served chilled and is great with salty Tapas including olives, nuts and Jamon Serrano. Best drunk young. Typically around 15 -17% abv

Manzanilla – the driest sherry and clear, very similar to Fino (still with a layer of Flor) with perhaps a sharper taste and slightly salty, again great with Tapas, nuts and salty dishes. Typically around 15 – 17% abv

Amontillado – Aged under Flor initially then fortified again with alcohol again this time at a higher level (16 -18% abv) which breaks up the Flor allowing for oxidation, creating a darker colour wine with a more pronounced nuttier caramel-like flavour although still on the dry side.

Palo Cortado – One of the rarer sherries, starting out as a Fino under a layer of Flor, when the Flor dies off naturally it starts to resemble an Amontillado style then for some unknown reason begins to develop a richer more complex flavour like that of the next darker style, Oloroso. 16-18% abv

Oloroso – No Flor here, still quite dry, darker browny amber-gold colour with more pronounced flavours, still nutty with prunes, raisins and butterscotch. 16-18% abv

Pedro Ximénez (PX) / Moscatel – Extremely sweet style, made with PX grapes that have been dried out in the sun to increase sugar levels. Usually dark brown in colour thick and syrupy and very sweet with flavours of figs, raisins, toffee, chocolate and liquorice. Moscatel is similar, both styles are labelled under their grape variety. Normally around 17-17.5% abv.

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