ADNAMS Eastern Edge Pale Ale

Here we go again with another beer review and another can from Suffolk-based sustainable brewery ADNAMS this time in a transatlantic collaboration with US craft beer legend, Sierra Nevada, to create this Eastern Edge, a brand-new pale ale. The name comes from the fact that the two breweries each have stunning views, Adnams looking across the sea from the English east coast and Sierra Nevada eastwards towards the Sierra Nevada mountains.

As in a lot of things, these days sustainability is becoming more and more important and these two breweries pride themselves on just that. ADNAMS have produced this particular beer as part of their 150th anniversary and in Steve Grossman’s, Brewery Ambassador at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. own words…….

Finding like-minded brewers, sharing stories and collaborating on a new beer recipe over a pint or two, it’s truly one of the most unique and amazing things about the craft beer industry. Being invited by Adnams to collaborate on a brew to help commemorate its 150th anniversary was sincerely a great honour. Hopefully, the good folks of ADNAMS will celebrate with Sierra Nevada when our brewery marks its 150th anniversary!”.

So let’s crack open the can and tell you what I think…

ADNAMS Southwold Eastern Edge Pale Ale

As you can see in the glass it’s a fairly darkish pale ale with a decent head, although on first drinking it there wasn’t much carbonation to speak about. Aroma wise, it wasn’t overly aromatic there was a whiff of something tropical, definitely grapefruit and maybe a whiff of pineapple. Taste-wise, fairly smooth tasting, grapefruit comes through again with spicy biscuit and an even a touch of caramel flavour. There is quite a bit of bitterness on the back end but even at 4.8% abv, it didn’t seem like it.

So on the whole a very enjoyable and fresh-tasting Pale Ale.

Tech stuff: Adnams use their house yeast (which they’ve used since the 1920’s) and Sierra Nevada’s Chico Yeast with hops Cascade and Chinook.

12 x 440ml cans £26.99 ( around £2.25 a can)

Ring Pull Rating
My rating 8/10 Ring Pulls

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