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What! I hear you cry, a jigsaw puzzle review on a wine blog, well, yes it is, so if you enjoy jigsaws and the occasional glass of wine why not combine the two with this ‘The next level Jigsaw Puzzle’, from the ‘Water & Wines’ company, who pride themselves on sustainability protecting the climate and natural resources.

Founded in 2020 by Yamit Viitaoja-Malmberg a wine sommelier based in Stockholm Sweden, with the help of her colleague and friend Mathilde, she came up with the idea of creating a puzzle based on wine countries of the world, using her experience as a sommelier to teach people about wine regions, appellations and the all-important grape varieties.

Sustainability is a big part of their ethos, claiming for every item sold they will plant one tree and make a donation for global access to safe drinking water, which is commendable. See here for their commitment

Water & Wines Jigsaw – Spanish Edition

My initial thoughts…

Ok, it’s a jigsaw, not much different to any other 1000 piece jigsaw but where this differs is the quality. Looks like there are nine different puzzles including wine maps of Italy, France, Scotland (This is actually a Whiskey map), California, Germany, Portugal, South Africa, Australia and the Spanish one I have.

To start with the packaging is excellent, lovely soft feel box the pieces are small but seem robust enough and well made, inside the box as well as the jigsaw itself there is a glossy poster showing the design, a box stand so you can prop the box up for reference, a very helpful grape varietal information sheet and inside the lid there is a ‘Know Your Wine Glasses’ guide.

The picture on the puzzle itself is hand-drawn and the detail is incredible, every wine region of this Spain edition is there along with the wines made in those regions, all the information is verified by a qualified renowned Sommelier, making sure that everything is correct.

Although I usually don’t do jigsaws, so to speak, the level of difficulty seems about right so you don’t finish it too quickly, took me a while though but I enjoyed it. Might well frame the completed puzzle it looks so good, not really sure what people do with completed puzzles but it might be good for reference.

Final thoughts…

This is a very well made premium product, seems like a lot of thought and expertise has gone into making it. So if you know someone who is into their wine and like doing jigsaws this may well be the perfect gift for them. Even if you are not particularly into wine, it’s still a very challenging jigsaw and one that will keep you happy for hours and in my case weeks.


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My rating 8/10 Corks
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