Paso-Primero Blanco

Back to my favourite subject Spanish wine and the excellent Paso-Primero and after tasting their Tinto (see my review here) it was time to open up the Blanco. Sitting in the garden, dinner on the go, sun shining and wine suitably chilled, it was easy to imagine myself in a sleepy Spanish town, flamenco music playing in the background with the aroma of fresh seafood grilling on the barbecue.

So what is the Blanco all about? it’s a blend of Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer, sourced from small selected parcels across their vineyards in Somontano, Northern Spain in order to keep the wines natural and as free from over processing as possible.

Is it as good as the red (Tinto)? which I tasted a few weeks ago, which I was suitably impressed with, well, I must say it’s a resounding YES! from me, read on to find out why…..

Paso-Primero Blanco 2020

Paso-Primero Blanco

The Paso Primero website, states this wine is all about youthful freshness and it’s hard to disagree with that, it is really bright and mouthwateringly juicy. Very pronounced floral nose, and on initial sip, lots of citrus acidity, crisp apples, some lemon peel, followed by some baked pear, pineapple, and honeydew melon. Lovely balance between that tanginess and something more textured and creamy. Perfect for summer sipping, easily enjoyed on its own or with a variety of seafood dishes, it would be perfect with a Prawn, squid and artichoke Paella.

Again well done Tom and Emma Holt, another delicious wine, think that bird on the label needs to hop up another rung or two.

Paso-Primero Blanco £14.99

My Cork Rating
My rating 8.75/10 corks
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