Chamlija Riesling

After ordering a Turkish takeaway sitting down at the table and opening up everything we found that there was an item missing so we phoned up the restaurant and they apologised and sent the missing dish straight away. When it arrived, by way of an apology they gave us a bottle of Turkish Riesling, we all looked at each other and thought, ok, it was good of them but this is going to be an experience, and maybe not a good one but boy were we wrong!

So who are Chamlija, I’ve never heard of them, Mustafa Camlica the founder established the Chamlija Winery in 2000 in the small Thracian town of Buyukkaristiran 120 kilometres from Istanbul. Chamilija itself is a boutique winery producing a large range of red and white wines. The labels are designed by the daughter of Mustafa ( Irem Camlica) providing the stunning artwork

Chamlija Riesling 2018

Chamlija Riesling 2018

As I said about the label, it looks stunning as does the rest of the artist’s work, but what’s in the bottle is what really counts and I’m happy to report that what’s inside this bottle is every bit as good as the outside.

It came suitably chilled, in the glass it was a pale lemony straw colour with a fairly heady nose of mainly citrus fruits, lemons, limes, crisp green apples, grapefruit and a hint of Jasmine. Taste-wise this was bone dry, with some zingy mouth-watering acidity, citrus fruits carry on with perhaps some lemongrass and cantaloupe melon. Lovely balance to this wine with a little bit of that oily texture (that I really like), on the finish.

Must put my hand up and admit I was really pleasantly surprised at how nice this Riesling was and definitely up there with some good ones I’ve had in the past. So if you happen to be in a Turkish restaurant and see this wine on the list, give it a go.

Not sure you can buy it anywhere in the UK, unless anybody knows different, please let me know.

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  1. Via Google maps I found the winery website – and there I found that The Warwick Winestore is their distributor – but none of their listed wines are at the sort of price i would expect from a Turkish restaurant – all too expensive – so perhaps they have a trade range too?

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