About Me

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Hi, my name is Dave Cronin –  I was also known as Spikedc on the Tesco Wine Community site unfortunately no longer around and now more recently as @VinoViews on Twitter. I also belong to a wine group called ‘Cuvèe Reserve’ which is an online forum where a few of us discuss anything wine-related including lots of reviews, wines of the month, best buys etc. See here for details Cuvèe Reserve

Drinking wine is a pleasure for me, so much so that it has become my main hobby if you want to call it that. Over the last few years, I have tasted hundreds of wonderful and exciting wines and attended some fantastic events, meeting a lot of wine personalities including winemakers and celebrity wine experts, see my ‘events attended’ (see drop-down list) section to read about some of them.

Trying to understand the complexities of wine is a vast subject and I realise I’ve only just scratched the surface, but I am starting to appreciate what I’m drinking more and more, maybe it’s an age thing, who knows! Took the WSET level 2 course in the summer of 2018 for fun and for my own benefit, enjoyed it and passed with distinction.

Coming from a Spanish background the wines I drink most tend to come from Spain, especially anything from the Rioja region, but I do tend like most wines.

In this blog, I’ll attempt to give you my personal thoughts on what I’ve been drinking, but I must stress these are only my views, I’m a very long way from being a so-called ‘expert’, just a keen amateur who loves wine and you must remember everyone’s Palates are different so what I like you may not.

I will also feature book reviews and other wine-related and some non-wine related subjects.

I give a simple Cork rating out of 10 for each wine or wine-related item.

**I have recently started reviewing beers.

*Finally if anybody out there wants me to review any wines, please feel free to contact me, I promise I will give you an honest opinion as a regular consumer of a wide selection of most everyday wines.

Drink along with me, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Salud, Dave Cronin

Email……….. [email protected]