Hoyer SG Electric Guitar

German Precision – 1970’s Hoyer SG Electric Guitar

What do you think of when buying German products?, master craftsman who pride themselves on perfection, maybe !. You only have to look at the cars they make, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen also brands such as Adidas, Bosch and Siemens to name but a few to realise that if you buy German most of the time it’s going to be pretty good.

Now a friend of mine found a beaten up old electric guitar in his loft gathering dust and knowing I played asked if I wanted it. I took it from him and cleaned it up and it turned out to be a brilliant guitar still in working order.

Now I’m not great at restoration and not a brilliant guitarist and just basically cleaned it and restrung it but I was impressed by the quality, solidly built, it really was very heavy (wouldn’t have wanted it hanging around my neck for long periods).
Playing wise everything just felt right, sound was superb. It could still do with some professional restoring as you can see from the pictures but at the moment I’m just enjoying playing it.

Hoyer Guitars were founded in 1874 by Franz Hoyer who opened his workshop in Schonbach/Egerland (which is now Czech Republic). He was originally a Lute and Zither maker before evolving into more classic and folk guitars.

This guitar from what I can found out was probably made in the 1970’s. Unfortunately cannot seem to find much more information.

Anybody who has more information about this guitar please comment below.